Mumble is a voice software like Ventrilo, TeamSpeak,  Skype, or Tabletop Simulator in-game chat. In-game chat, while not requiring separate installs to use, has the disadvantage of lagging voice chat every time someone connects/disconnects/spawns something.

Mumble has push-to-talk, and has the ability to setup keys to private message others.

Mumble can be downloaded for free from:

Mumble Info

The DwarfHolm Mumble server can be connected to with the following link or information

When you click this link you will be prompted for your USERNAME not the server password.

DwarfHolm Mumble Server

Server Address :
Port : 7735
Password : TheBestPassword

DwarfHolm Voice Chat Etiquette

DwarfHolm Mumble server is an open to people playing games, including Board Games, Role Playing Games, MMO’s, Minecraft, etc.

  • DwarfHolm is not for young children, swearing happens, and I refuse to deal with COPPA. No children under 13.
  • You have permissions to use DwarfHolm Mumble when I am not on, or involved.
  • You have permission to invite others onto the server.
  • You have permission to use any channel with the exception of the ComfyCouch.
  • You have permissions to add Private Channels (right click and select "Add")
  • You have permission to join others in any non-private channels and converse.