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AxeKneel is was a sawmill in the midst of a cold taiga at the southernmost reaches of the kingdom of Enarach.

Approximately a decade ago, a expatriate of a Lillupan across the see and war hero for the kingdom of Enarach was granted the title of Duke and a large holding of lands to the south.  This Duke, Duke Liquidus Aquabolt, set to building a keep worthy of his title, and chose AxeKneel, to be the center of his power. He consolidated a number of slaves, and pened generous contracts with the guilds for laborers at an healthy fee. They set to work clear cutting the Keenbark and building a immense manor and palisade on the shores of Whitecrow lake.

As the lands around AxeKneel were cleared, he and conscripted serfs northern holdings, and sent for settlers from his native land of Lillupan.

AxeKneel today sits transformed a large fortified town, on the southern border of Enarach.

To participate, I'm looking for characters who would be employed by Duke Aquabolt or his administration.

AxeKneel will be run weekly, with the tenative time from 2pm EST to 6pm EST

I intend to use the following technology:

Virtual Tabletop: TableTop Simulator

Voice server: DwarfholmMumble

Adventure Archive: