Greg and Caroline's Wedding Photos

Febuary 6th, 2019 at 2:30pm

Bally's Las Vegas Hotel & Casino

A difference of opinion

So, uh... we're getting married.

"Getting" , "got". What is time anyway? Depends more on when you read this, but as of writing, it's getting.

Caroline and Greg decided to slip off to Vegas and get it over with. It'll probably be cute, with wild colors, and minor dancing.

Caroline on her wedding day Greg on his wedding day

Kissing at the Bellagio fountain.jpg A close up of the wedding rings A squeeze at the Bellagio's dancing fountain

Not much of an event to tell, we've been together for long enough that we felt signing a piece of paper that said we'd continue to stick around seemed appropriate.

Dipped at the gazebo In the gardens at Ceaser's Palace Eyeing my wife at the Paris